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Instead of taking your job day-by-day, you'll have resources to manage your career development, finances, and more for a long and healthy career.

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We mean it when we say that HorseGrooms is about horsemanship and community. This Community platform was built for you, by grooms like you and we'd love to meet you in there. It's totally free and you can show up as much or as little as you'd like, so why not give it a shot?

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"Grooming is such a rewarding job but unfortunately you hear all too often of burn out, bad employers and bad working conditions. This platform will help bring the joy of working with horses back into many lives."

Emma Ford

"Grooms supporting grooms, HorseGrooms provides a space for those hard working individuals not only to get advice and support throughout their careers but also learn more what they can do to help look after themselves as they advance through life."

Emma Ford

"I'm incredibly excited to see the development of HorseGrooms because it will give grooms a place to gather for advice and support while providing tips and tricks to making the most of the industry we all love."

Courtney Carson

"Very excited to hear about HorseGrooms, a fantastic idea for grooms helping grooms in all different aspects like education about horses, how to stay healthy physically and mentally longer, financial planning, and many more."

Ringmaster Pedro

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