HorseGrooms is a Platform of Resources, Education, and Support for Grooms by Grooms. 

But our mission goes beyond simply providing resources and creating content.

Our goal is to create a space to keep horsemanship alive; for grooms to support and educate each other; and to help advance the craft of grooming. HorseGrooms is dedicated to ambitious grooms everywhere.

This is an online community, hub of resources, and spotlight of industry highlights born out of love for the horse and love for the sport. 

kit miller, veterinarian

"I have had the very good fortune to work with many excellent grooms, and I have great respect for their dedication and hard work. I believe that a skilled and attentive groom is crucial to the long term health and soundness of their horses. There is no doubt in my mind that the experienced grooms with whom I work help me to provide the best possible outcomes to the horses we care for together."

"I think the HorseGrooms platform is an excellent forum to discuss the care that we provide our horses. I'm pleased to contribute to HorseGrooms because I enjoy the dialogue about how we can best care for our horses, and I think that I can learn from the information it provides.โ€

kit miller, veterinarian

ringmaster pedro

"Very excited to hear about, a fantastic idea for grooms helping grooms in all different aspects like education about horses, how to stay healthy physically and mentally longer, financial planning, and many more."


"Grooming is such a rewarding job but unfortunately you hear all too often of burn out, bad employers and bad working conditions. This platform will help bring the joy of working with horses back into many lives."


"Grooms supporting grooms, provides a space for those hard working individuals not only to get advice and support throughout their careers but also learn more what they can do to help look after themselves as they advance through life."

COURTNEY CARSON, us coordinator for the international grooms association

"I'm incredibly excited to see the development of because it will give grooms a place to gather for advice and support while providing tips and tricks to making the most of the industry we all love."

Whether you're a stable or organization who'd like to support our mission to keep horsemanship alive, a content creator who'd like to partner with us, or an industry specialist dedicated to moving the equine industry forward - there's a way for you to contribute.

explore opportunities

Growing up as an English rider on the East Coast of the U.S., I always dreamed of heading West and finding true partnership with horses through ranch work. From working cattle on horseback in the remote Medicine Bow National Forest to exploring the Big Horns with the horse of a lifetime, that connection between horse and human is something I'll continue chasing my entire life.

Now, based out of one of the most famous cowboy towns of the American West, I run a brand and web design agency called Unbridled Form, inspired by the untamable frontier spirit of the wild horses and artists that call this land home.

In my role with HorseGrooms, I oversee and execute branding, website design, and visual content curation. My column Tales of the West can be explored here.

Creative Director
Amy McGann

After being a barn rat for a big part of my youth and working as a teacher at an equine college, I worked as a groom and rider in New Zealand and in the US, drove the truck from the Netherlands to the Nations Cups in Rome and Dublin, and rode young horses in Argentina and China.

But I also got fired by George Morris because the tack trunk didnโ€™t come back clean and organized enough after a summer of being on the road showing horses all over the East Coast U.S...

Today, as the founder of HorseGrooms and as a global equine writer through my company DN Media, I'm on a mission to grow a space for grooms everywhere to share stories and resources, seek out opportunities, and advance the craft of horsemanship. Learn more about Dinette

Dinette Neuteboom

Born in the Mountains and Plains of Wyoming

an unexpected partnership

We spent a wild, once-in-a-lifetime season working together on a Wyoming ranch nestled between Yellowstone National Park and the Big Horn National Forest. A shared love of horses, adventure, and connection naturally led to our partnership in HorseGrooms.

We hope this community will be a space to grow your own dedication to horsemanship and offer a way of connecting with other grooms worldwide.

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