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Meet the HorseGrooms Founder – Dinette Neuteboom

Dinette Neuteboom — Founder and Contributing Writer for Horse Grooms

Dinette Neuteboom is basically an equine world traveler, rider, groom, and content writer.

Dinette Neuteboom is basically an equine world traveler, rider, groom, and content writer.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, she was college-trained as a teacher in Dutch language, and by the Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS) as an equestrian instructor in the English disciplines for which she received her international trainers license. She combined her work as a teacher at an equine college with riding young showjumpers, training horses and riders, singing in a classical choir, and writing for equestrian magazines.

In November 2009, when she was 34 years old, she quit her job, sold her horses, said goodbye to family and friends, and left for the trip of a lifetime, an around-the-world journey without an expiration date, thinking that would be the end of her horsey life.

Nothing would be farther from the truth…

During her decade of global travels, she came eye to eye with the wild horses in Mongolia, worked as a trainer of young showjumpers in Argentina and China, was a barn manager in New Zealand, trained riders in China and the U.S., worked as a wrangler in Wyoming, and as a groom, barn manager, and home rider at hunter/jumper barns all over the U.S. East Coast. When she wasn’t on a horse, she was discovering the country, writing for equestrian magazines, or planning her next adventure.

She experienced the highs of the equestrian world by riding a whole summer over the plains and mountains of Wyoming, by seeing young horses gaining trust and confidence, and by being part of the teams of the winning horse in the WCHR Peter Wetherill Hunter Spectacular and the International Hunter Derbies at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington. But she also knows the lows of the horse world. She saw horses break a leg, dying from colic, and suffering a miserable life. She knows all about not getting paid on time or at all and, after being on the road for a long summer, she got fired by George Morris because the tack trunk didn’t come back clean enough.

Recently, Dinette founded HorseGrooms where she can combine all her passions: writing, horses, educating, and contributing a little bit to try to keep horsemanship alive. HorseGrooms is born out of love for the horse and love for the sport. The goal is to create a space for grooms to support and educate each other and to help advance the craft of horsemanship and grooming.

Besides being on site as the press officer of the CDI3* and CSI3* Indoor Friesland in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, in October each year, Dinette works remotely from wherever she is in the world, preferably with good Wi-Fi and lovely horses.

Dinette’s daily life generally consists of riding a couple of hunters and jumpers, writing content for several Dutch and American clients within her company DN Media, and working on www.horsegrooms.com.

For more information: www.dinetteneuteboom.com

June 16, 2023


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