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Welcome to Your Digital Tackbox.

A great initiative supported by HorseGrooms:

Ask any questions about career, equine care, or anything related to grooming and hear from top-level grooms around the world.

Ask the Groom

Read now! Laura Elser provides an unfiltered take on equine medicine and guidance on advocating for your horses and working with your vet.

Don't Piss Off Your Vet

Sports psychologists & performance coaches share resources and approaches to help you find more balance & confidence in our fast-paced industry.

Advocating for Your Career


We call it a "digital tackbox", but it's more than that.

We're developing a community where grooms support and educate each other by sharing tips for wellness, interviews with professional grooms, and other resources to advance the craft of grooming. This will soon include a platform with all the information, addresses, and contacts a groom might need while at shows and on the road.

We’ll also share stories and laugh and cry with each other.

Because whether you're in Wellington or Spain, we're all dealing with the same crap.

These lists will be growing and we invite you to share any professional contacts and resources that you trust with your horses — like lay-over places, bodyworkers, vet clinics, and other need-to-know places across the US, Europe, or anywhere. We're open to ideas!

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