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Attention: the International Grooms Association Wants to Hear from Its Members

After discussions with the FEI Grooms Working Group, the IGA launched a new Member Voice survey dedicated to learning about groom experiences at the one- to three-star level.

After seeing improvements at the FEI five-star level, the IGA looks to better the experiences at the lower level for grooms. The IGA invites its members to share their opinions and ideas in this latest survey.

The IGA has launched its latest Member Voice survey – this time asking about member’s experiences working at FEI competitions from one-star to three-star.

The IGA Member Voice surveys give grooms a chance to use their voice in a formal and structured way, around subjects that affect their everyday lives. 

Previous surveys about catering and accommodation situations at shows have highlighted major issues for grooms working at Fédération Équestre Internationale competitions. The results of these surveys have been used in collaboration with show organizers and the FEI to push for much needed change.

After discussion with IGA members and the FEI Grooms Working Group, it was decided that the membership should be given a chance to have their say specifically about shows at the lower levels.

IGA Executive Director Lucy Katan said, “We are very proud of the improvements made for grooms at many shows, especially at five-star level. However, the conversations we regularly have with IGA members make it clear where there is still a great deal of work to be done. We wanted to put these informal conversations into a structure that we, and the FEI, can work with.

“The IGA is keenly aware of the constraints faced by organizers of FEI events from one-star to three-star level; we do not expect these shows to feed grooms three times a day, or to be able to offer welcome and leaving gifts,” Katan continued. “However, we know how deeply it affects grooms when there are no decent toilet facilities, or when they feel unsafe using showers, or when there isn’t a catering truck placed in reach of the stable area. It’s important for all grooms to take this chance to speak up, so that together we can work for a better future for those people working in FEI sport.”

As the name suggests, the survey is only open to IGA members – it will be accessible via the website, and IGA members will receive their survey link via their email.

Having the chance to be heard about issues like this is breaking new ground for grooms. 

This is why it is so important for all grooms to grasp this opportunity. If you are an FEI groom, be part of the IGA, answer the surveys and you will be part of making change happen.

Feature photo courtesy of 1clicphoto.

October 24, 2023

International Grooms Association

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