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European Equestrian Federation Launches Survey on At-Home Horse Welfare

Horse abuse scandals have continued to rock the horse world over the years. With a mission to always promote horsemanship and horse welfare, HorseGrooms wanted to give a more detailed look, over the span of several articles, into how to report abuse and how this process unfolds.

In this blog, we share a press release of the European Equestrian Federation that wants to be proactive when it comes to horse welfare. Via a survey, the EEF wants to find out what’s going on at home, away from the competition arena. For that purpose, the EEF has designed a survey with the support of World Horse Welfare, for completion by the wider equine industry. All answers are anonymous and will be used to better inform the EEF of the current situation regarding horse welfare.
This survey is open to horse people worldwide, not only Europeans and we encourage all of you to share your experiences honestly.

Horse welfare has always been the key priority for the EEF, and in the last months, several examples of poor horse welfare in a training environment have been exposed. The EEF has observed with dismay and has made it our highest priority to support our member organizations to take swift action and re-focus on the kind of behaviors we all expect of equestrianism in Europe.

To properly counter these issues going forward, it is important we first assess the current landscape, the attitudes and opinions within the industry and understand whether these issues are widespread. With this information, we can then support our National Federations to create practical initiatives to counter these unacceptable behaviours.

For this purpose, we have designed a survey with the support of World Horse Welfare, for completion by the wider equine industry. All answers are anonymous and will be used to better inform us of the current situation.

The answers will be analysed and carried forward to a panel discussion in cooperation with World Horse Welfare, the International Grooms Association, our member National Federations and international rider club stakeholders to properly discuss and consider how we, as Europe’s equestrian community, can stamp out abusive training practices and any notion that they can be acceptable in today’s sport. This is vital to strengthen trust with those both inside and outside our sport.

Click here to complete the survey now.

“This is a vitally important issue,” said EEF President Theo Ploegmakers. “The horse lies at the center of everything we do, and their care should be the utmost priority for everyone in our industry. The recent cases in which behaviors at home have been uncovered are incredibly worrying for our sport and exceptionally damaging to the trust we have been building with the wider public. It is of the highest importance that we now understand the depth of this issue and support our National Federations to action against it.”

March 17, 2024


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