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Packing Healthy Food for a Few Days

Packing food in a cooler when heading to a horse show

In the midst of packing all the supplements, boots and tack for the horses, it can be hard to logically organize the food situation for oneself. Kimberly Maloomian gives advice on how to pack (or not pack) a cooler for the weekend long haul to save time and money.

Kimba walks us through her packing process for keeping food cold and fresh on the road at horse shows.

A Cooler with Perishable Items 

“If I know I am going to a show for just 2-3 days, I will pack a cooler with a few other perishable items in it.”

Reusable Ice Packs

“I typically bring reusable ice packs and then refreeze them in the hotel refrigerator (or the ice boot freezer!), or I put some ice in the cooler and get more from the hotel vending machine.”

Overnight Oats, Yogurt, and Cottage Cheese

“I make ahead some containers of overnight oats (old-fashioned oats, almond milk, cinnamon, honey, raisins or frozen mango cubes, sliced almonds) as they can sit around for 4-5 days. I might bring a couple containers of individual size yogurts or cottage cheese as well. Cheese sticks or Babybel cheese wheels are another great option as is precut fruit like pineapple or watermelon.”

Restock at Grocery Store; Friendly on Wallet & Waistline

“If you are going for a week or more, it can be challenging to bring it all in a cooler, and thus you might have to restock at a nearby grocery store. I know it is a little bit of a hassle, but it is more friendly on your wallet and waistline than eating horse show food. I’ve been to some pretty remote shows and even those had a Walmart grocery within 10-15 minutes, so it’s always available as an option.” 

Food to Take from the Hotel Breakfast 

“No desire to pack a cooler? If your hotel offers breakfast in the morning, there are a couple common items you can take for your day. 

  • whole fruit
  • hard boiled eggs (I usually put 3 or 4 of them in one of the hotel’s to-go coffee cups)
  • peanut butter on toast (or just make toast/English muffin and bring your own natural peanut butter!)
  • packet of oatmeal and an individual yogurt (mix them together later on!)

I have also taken scrambled eggs in the to-go coffee cups as well as the hotel’s premade oatmeal. Be creative and don’t care what the other people in the breakfast area think of you!”

July 10, 2023

Kimberly Maloomian 🇺🇸

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