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The Different (Seasonal) Types of Horse Grooming

Grooming your horse benefits its skin and coat health in various ways. But the type of grooming you exercise shouldn’t remain uniform throughout the year. Winter, summer and forthcoming horse show goals all impact your approach to grooming. Sarah Welk Baynum gives her experience (and specific grooming hacks) on how you should practice grooming in these various situations.

Grooming your horse, whether you are a professional groom or an owner/rider, has so many benefits. The obvious one, of course, is that it is great for our horse’s skin and coat. 

But sometimes, I think we forget that grooming your horse also has benefits that aren’t quite so obvious. 

When you are doing a full groom to your horse, you are going over every inch of their body – and that is a great way to catch any health concerns, abnormalities, fungus, etc. before they get worse. Knowing your horse’s “normal” means you have that baseline for when something doesn’t look right – even if it is minor. 

Don’t forget that grooming is good on a mental health level for both you and your horse, too. Strengthening that bond, whether it’s one of a riding partnership or horse caretaker, has a whole list of mental and emotional benefits. 

The way you approach grooming should change based on the season and your forthcoming horse show goals. Photo courtesy of Arnd.nl.

I sometimes think grooming is something we rush through on our way to tacking up or overlook altogether – but don’t! Be present with your horse, and really pay attention to detail when you groom. 

Types of Grooming

There are so many ways and types of grooming horses. I still remember those old horse textbooks I would pick up from the library. I was that horse crazy kid and when I wasn’t at the barn, I wanted to read everything about horses I could get my hands on. 

Are you just getting the mud and dirt off and picking feet before you ride? Are you doing a full bath and deep clean? Are you prepping for a show in a few days? Or just a post-ride sweat rinse? 

All of these factors will determine the type of grooming you do–as does the weather. 

How does grooming in the winter differ from grooming in the summer?

Sarah Welk Baynum explains how to battle winter’s thrush and dry skin and summer’s fungus headache in the HorseGrooms Community. Sign up for free and take full advantage of her advice and see if your seasonal skin battles improve.

Featured photo courtesy of Shelley Paulson Photography.

February 12, 2024

Sarah Welk Baynum 🇺🇲

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