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Introducing The HorseGrooms’ Guide to Finance

This is the first post from our series The HorseGrooms’ Guide to Finance with Emmy Sobieski, CFA. Take control of your finances, once and for all, with this series from a reputable financial expert and horsewoman. But first let’s answer a few questions… Who is Emmy Sobieski? Who is she NOT? Why is she creating this guide?

I’m like you. I get your struggles.

I started as a groom and rider. My first job was grooming eight horses for Jeanette Sassoon in the Los Angeles Equestrian Center (LAEC). As a side gig, I braided horses starting at 2am most days at horse shows so I could afford to compete in those same shows. Grooming and training paid my way to the 1986 North American Youth Championships, where I was part of California’s first gold medal winning team, riding Unguarded, a horse I borrowed from my trainer.

Sobieski began grooming and training horses so she could afford to enter as a rider and went on to compete internationally.

After college, I moved to Seattle to pursue my riding, while working a regular job as a paralegal.  

Then my mom died, and I moved back to San Diego where I worked as a dressage trainer for 2 years. My own trainer and life guide, Dietrich von Hopffgarten, told me at age 25 that I would not have the same set of choices at age 35, and I should apply to grad school, face my opportunities, and if I still wanted to be a horse trainer he would support me.

The beginning of my financial career

I had been investing on the side since age 16, taught by my dad.

I went to grad school and decided to be a professional investor to become my own sponsor.  I wasn’t sure my body would hold up to being a full time horse trainer. Also, the likelihood of getting a fantastic sponsor was low, so I chose to be my own.

5 years after grad school, I was co-running the #1 Fund in the world, up 493% in 1999.

My career: 25 years as an institutional investor, specializing in technology stocks. Then 7 years in corporate and startup operations. I am an advisor and investor in public companies and private companies.  

And horses?  

I was 9th in the 2005 World Cup trials, 2 years #1 USDF Adult Amateur at Grand Prix Dressage, numerous regional championships at FEI levels, competed in Germany at Lingen and Horses & Dreams, and more. Then won a team penning championship in California. Now I ride hunter-jumpers.

Like you, I started as a groom and/or rider. I transitioned to finance. I had been an investor, but needed to take remedial math prior to entering my MBA at USC. I learned to code at age 51.  

I am proof that you can learn anything you want, at any age!

Emmy Sobieski - team penning
Sobieski and her team of team penning champions

Who I’m NOT

I am NOT a financial advisor, NOT a lawyer, NOT a tax expert, and NOT an investment advisor. Anything I write is for educational purposes only. It is not advice. Why isn’t it advice?  First, I don’t have the licenses necessary to advise you. Second, I don’t know your specific situation, which I would need to know in order to advise you (if I had the licenses, which I do not).  

Let these blogs serve as a starting point in your education, not as an end answer. Only you can find your answers to your specific situation.

Why am I contributing to HorseGrooms?

I love this horse community, especially the parts that come together to celebrate the majesty and generosity of the spirit of horses. I want to provide a starting point for you to learn and empower yourself with financial knowledge, and map your perfect journey through life.

Featured photo by Kind Media

May 26, 2023

Emmy Sobieski 🇺🇸

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