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Tips for How Often to Eat

How often to eat while working as a horse groom

Ever feel like you could eat the entire refrigerator if given the opportunity? Kimberly Maloomian explains how to avoid overindulging for your immediate comfort and long-term health.

Eat Until Your Stomach Is No Longer Growling

“People need to eat when they are physically hungry. That is when your stomach is growling. You should only eat until your stomach is no longer growling; not until you are full. When you are done eating, you should feel like you could get up and exercise if that is what was asked of you.

That’s a hard task. Usually you get a break to eat between classes, and you are so hungry that you eat super-fast and then realize you are stuffed and feel gross.”

How to Avoid Binging?

“It would be better to eat something small, say a piece of fruit or a granola bar or peanut butter on bread every 2-3 hours then to stuff yourself by accident. 

I recognize that it might be annoying to feel like you are eating all day, but it can be done. You can have a snack while driving the golf cart to the ring, walking a horse up there, waiting around for the jog, or while a horse is icing after work. Sometimes I even get on and eat a granola bar while we do the walking warmup and then shove the wrapper in my pants pocket! 

Allow Your Body to Process the Fuel

Eating smaller amounts like that allows your body to process the fuel you have given it and utilize it rather than having to store it. Stored fuel is weight, and we are all trying to avoid that. Smaller amounts will also help anyone suffering from reflux or lower bowel issues like gas pain, bloating or bowel urgency.” 

July 20, 2023

Kimberly Maloomian 🇺🇸

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