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International Grooms Association and HorseGrooms Join Forces

HorseGrooms and the International Grooms Association (IGA) join forces

The International Grooms Association is excited to announce an ongoing collaboration with the website HorseGrooms.com.

Going forward these two progressive organisations will collaborate to provide support to the global groom community and bring change where it is needed.

Founded in 2023 by Dinette Neuteboom, HorseGrooms provides an impressive range of resources for grooms at all levels, ranging from behind-the-scenes stories to financial advice.

As the only formally recognized professional association for international grooms, the IGA shares common goals with HorseGrooms – better recognition for the role played by grooms, and better support for grooms around the world.

Both the IGA and HorseGrooms offer a range of educational resources, and will work together to share a huge breadth of experience and knowledge with the global community of grooms. 

Both parties are working hard to highlight the importance of care for the grooms, whose interests can often be forgotten.

IGA Executive Director Lucy Katan said “This collaboration will yield valuable resources for all grooms. Our role is to represent the voice of grooms working in international horse sport, but we know how important education is, not only to the grooms themselves, but also to employers. By sharing resources we can create a vital pool of information about horse care, show life and career planning.

There is a long overdue cultural shift happening in equestrian sport, and it is important for all those who want to see lasting change to have constructive collaborative relationships with one another.”

HorseGrooms founder Dinette Neuteboom agreed “I think the grooming world in general is greatly under served and I applaud an organization like the IGA that gives international grooms an official voice.

The goal with HorseGrooms is to create a community for all grooms to support and educate each other and to help advance the craft of horsemanship and grooming. It’s only small steps, but many small steps can lead to important changes and together you are always stronger. 

HorseGrooms and the IGA strive to make the grooms’ world a better and more sustainable place by providing support and education and this partnership will only fuel our mission.”

There are several ways for people and businesses to support the IGA and HorseGrooms in our shared mission. Find out more via www.horsegrooms.com/get-involved or internationalgrooms.org.

HorseGrooms is an online community, hub of resources, and spotlight of industry features for grooms by grooms. HorseGrooms is born out of love for the horse and love for the sport. The goal is to create a space for grooms to support and educate each other and to help advance the craft of horsemanship and grooming.

Featured photo by the FEI.

September 11, 2023

International Grooms Association

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