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Meet the HorseGrooms Creative Director: Amy McGann

Amy McGann - Creative Director of HorseGrooms

Often found caught somewhere in-between artistic day-dreaming or windswept on horseback in the Wyoming backcountry!

I’ve held a lot of jobs. From structural firefighting, to project management and website design, to working as a ranch hand and then a ski patroller, the list goes on… I’ve moved frequently and I’ve lived all over.

But one constant has been my love of the journey and storytelling.

While arguably the best job I’ve ever had may always be the season I spent on a working ranch, watching the sunrise from horseback out in the mountains; moving cattle across green mesas and through oasis-like mountain draws; hiking for miles clearing fallen trees out of irrigation ditches; cutting hay at road speed; and getting caught in summer snowstorms with some of the most incredible, hardworking, and fun-loving women I’ve ever met…

My true passion is helping people find and nurture their passions and tell their stories. I do so through my brand and web design agency, Unbridled Form, where I handcraft strategic and timeless designs for my clients.

It’s the embodiment of a life of discovery, growth, and connection.

Inspired by mustangs & artists

Unbridled Form was born in one Cody, Wyoming, of the most famous cowboy towns of the American West, and is inspired by the untamable frontier spirit of the wild horses and artists that call this land home.

I partner with creatives, equestrians, and entrepreneurs of all kinds. I aim to tell their unique story through a handcrafted brand and website that’s deeply rooted in their values, champions their wildest ambitions, and sparks an undeniable connection with potential clients and customers. And honestly that all just comes down to helping people figure out how to present themselves or their business to the world and reducing all the stress that can come with figuring out how to create a website that stands out, a business card that doesn’t get thrown away, and what social media platforms to show up on.

In my role with HorseGrooms, I oversee and execute branding, website design, and visual content curation. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this organization and to have the chance to help people live their passion and make meaningful connections.

I hope you are fully living your story and passion too, whatever that means to you. Whether it’s a running a freelance gig that brings you around the world; building a business that supports your family while creating space to be there with them; creating a life that sets your soul on fire; or anything else in between. Chase whatever it is and live it fully.

August 31, 2023

Amy McGann 🇺🇸

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