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Unveiling EnviroEquine & PET’s Nutrition and Equine Wellness Expert Insights on the HorseGrooms Community

Take a deep dive into the world of equine nutrition and wellness with EnviroEquine & PET’s Expert Insights. With their team of vets and nutritional experts, they created these resources catered specifically to grooms and exclusively on the HorseGrooms Community.

EnviroEquine & PET continues to value the crucial role grooms play in the entire industry with their “Basics of Equine Nutrition” and “Body Condition Score” Expert Insights for the HorseGrooms Community. We at HorseGrooms are proud to announce that these deep dives into equine wellness and nutrition, written by EnviroEquine’s team of vets and experts, are available now on the Community. EnviroEquine & PET brings significant knowledge and research specifically to grooms looking to optimize their horses’ health as they break down the topics of nutrition and body conditioning score into digestible chunks.

Use their exceptional information to your and your horse’s advantage, and feel free to reach out to EnviroEquine & PET in the HorseGrooms Community if you have any questions.

Keep reading for a preview on these Expert Insights!

The Basics of Equine Nutrition 

When you dive into the workings of the horse’s digestive system, it makes sense that it correlates to their natural eating behaviors in the wild. However, in this modern horse world with stabling, competition and overall domestication, how can you accommodate all your horses’ nutritional needs when their lives differ greatly from those in the wild?

EnviroEquine & PET addresses these challenges and provides solutions so that you can implement feeding practices that align with your horse’s natural behavior. In addition, they move beyond the basics and cover specific nutrient requirements such as fiber, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and much more.

Body Condition Score 

In order to provide your horse with the nutrition it needs, you must also understand its fat coverage and body condition score. But how do you determine that? EnviroEquine & PET breaks down how you can determine the body condition score at home (without having to purchase an equine scale) and what the health ramifications are on both ends of the body score spectrum.  

Learn More about our Expert Insights Series  

Dive deep into the world of equine care and professional development with our Expert Insights Series. Gain exclusive access to in-depth lessons led by industry-leading experts, where you’ll uncover invaluable insights, strategies, and techniques to elevate your skills and advance your career. Whether you’re seeking to optimize equine wellness, hone your craft in a specific discipline or navigate the business and financial aspects of the equine industry, our Expert Insights Series offers the knowledge and guidance you need to succeed. Join us on a journey of continuous learning and growth as we empower you to excel in your passion for horsemanship.

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February 20, 2024

EnviroEquine & PET

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