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What’s in Your Wall Box for Your Own Health?

Whether you find yourself in one of the sunny parts of the world or in cold winter weather, the flu or a cold can be caught anywhere. Most grooms just keep working to care for their horses instead of themselves. It’s admirable, but not always the best choice. To avoid getting really sick or feeling truly miserable, Michele Hollis, MD, shares some of her experience as a physician certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

From her own HollisMed LLC, she has been taking care of equestrians with minor medical complaints and injuries since 2013. Each winter, she migrates to Wellington, Florida, for the show season, where she serves as a mobile doctor for humans. She invites grooms with medical questions and issues to reach out to her in the HorseGrooms Community or live at Wellington International.

“Horse grooms are marvelous caretakers for horses but often fail to remember to care for themselves,” she said. “I would like to contribute to resources that make it easy to find the answers to simple medical questions and would like to help grooms however I can, whether it is by checking their blood pressure, writing a prescription or giving advice.”

Winter finds us in the middle of respiratory virus season with many people getting sick or getting a cold. While there are specific antiviral treatments for influenza and COVID-19, there are dozens of other unnamed viruses that can make you completely miserable. Knowing which medications to take for the treatment of specific symptoms can mean the difference between making it through the day and staying in bed. Therefore, it would be good to not only have your brushes and other horsey things in your wall box, but also some human products to battle ailments and the first symptoms of a virus.

In the HorseGrooms Community, I break down the following:

  1. What generic products are and their benefits
  2. Over-the-counter medications for fever
    a. Ibuprofen facts
    b. Acetaminophen facts
  3. Over-the-counter medications for nasal congestion
    a. Pseudoephedrine facts
    b. Azelastine facts
  4. Over-the-counter medications for cough
    a. Guaifenesin facts
    b. Dextromethorphan facts
  5. Warnings
  6. Reading the label quiz

Take full advantage of our educational materials on the HorseGrooms Community.

Dr. Michele Hollis details how much and how often to use these medications, what they are and common brands. Sign up for free to the HorseGrooms Community to read in full.

February 17, 2024

Michele Hollis 🇺🇲

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