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What (Not) to Drink?

Stay away from sodas, artificial sweeteners, and gatorade.

Finding the right drink is just as important as finding the right food to eat. Kimberly Maloomian explains that some (surprising) drinks don’t help you out in the long run and explains which drinks actually help you throughout the day.


“Always make sure you have a big thing of water in your car. I like to use a reusable water bottle. I will buy the gallon jugs of water or the 1.5 gallon jugs and refill my personal bottle, so I don’t create as much trash. A case of individual bottles is just fine too.” 

Stay Away from Soda & Energy Drinks

“Try to stay away from soda and energy drinks. They dehydrate more than hydrate due to the caffeine. If you prefer to drink something with bubbles then seltzer is a good option for you.” 

Artificial Sweeteners

“Anything with an artificial sweetener can actually do more harm to your body than good. Any drink such as the ICE brand or other sugar free beverages that are sweet can cause changes in the blood glucose and insulin levels as well as intensify cravings for sweet foods.” 

Nobody Needs Gatorade

“Nobody needs a Gatorade. I’m going to say it again. Nobody needs Gatorade. If you do a good job keeping yourself hydrated with water and you eat fruit during the day and maybe a handful of salted nuts, you will be more than replenished in your electrolytes – and you would have skipped the food coloring and other chemicals they add to sports drinks.

Why No Gatorade?

If you want to know why you do not need to drink a Gatorade, think about your worst day of work in the heat. Now borrow a football uniform from someone (attention all non-U.S. grooms, we are talking about American football here), strap it all on including the helmet, run around in the direct Florida sun during the summer from 1-4pm without stopping, and see how that compares to what you did for work. Gatorade was developed for the Florida Gators Football team to make it through those exact conditions without the players encountering heart failure. Sorry, but no one else works that hard!”

July 8, 2023

Kimberly Maloomian 🇺🇸

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